Local Black Eyed Peas, Frozen

Sides Pea Farm


Local Frozen Black Eyed Peas

Item Code 17067

Pack Size: one pound bag frozen

Black Eyed Peas are one of those hearty, rustic foods that bring memories to the surface. For New Years Eve, when the magic beans are reported to bring good luck, or just simple, stick-to-your-bones home cooked meals.  Fresh Black Eyed Peas take those moments to a whole new level, and we feel pretty dang lucky to have fresh black eyed peas all summer long.  Ours were grown in Canton, TX by Sides Pea Farm, a third generation family farm.

Sides Pea Farm

Sides Pea Farm began in 1957 when Winford and Virginia Sides bought 70 acres just south of Canton. In those days, Winford did all the farming and Virginia did the selling. She sold their farm fresh peas at the farm and at surrounding farmer's markets.

Since then, Sides Pea Farm has become the largest grower of fresh market peas in the state of Texas and is still operated by the Sides family.

Sides Pea Farm in the field