Vienna Hot Dog Buns Poppy Seed, 10 ct

Vienna Beef


Vienna Beef Poppy Seed Hot Dog Buns 

Item#:  16363

Size:  one box of 10 poppy seed hot dog buns 

Poppy seed hot dog buns from Vienna Beef hold up to steaming for the quintessential Chicago-style dog.

Customer Reviews

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Weldon Hankton
Chicago hot dogs buns

Very great buns from Chicago ! They was awesome and also very fresh. So I’m a very satisfied costumer.

Lisa DiNaso

So happy I can find Chicago products in Austin!

Eric Fogarty
Chicago Hot Dogs

If you want to make your own Chicago hot dogs then you gotta have poppy seed buns. And these are the buns you need! Tastes great and at a great price! Hardie’s has what you need to make your own Chicago style hot dogs!

Aaron Gladish
Poppy seed hot dog buns and Vienna franks!

Poppy seed hot dog buns are awesome. You can find them elsewhere on the internet but you either have to order a life-time supply or pay three times what they are worth (yes, I'm talking about Tastes of Chicago - what a rip-off!)

You can get your dogs and buns and that bright green relish right here at Hardie's and they will even deliver them to your house. Hardie's direct is awesome!