Apple, Pink Lady 2 lbs


Organic Pink Lady Apples, 3 ct

Item#:  21099

Size:  2 pound bag of small, smack-sized Pink Lady Apples

A cross between Lady Williams and Golden Delicious apples, Pink Lady apples are a delicious Aussie variety. They are the sunset of apples - gorgeous vivid greens, pink hues which becomes a deeper shade of red as the apple is exposed to more sun.

Ours are certified Organic which means no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs.

How Do Pink Lady Apples Taste?

Pink Lady apples have a bit of a tart taste with sweet finish with a fizz-like burst of flavor.  Texture is crisp and juicy.  Pink Lady apples are great on cheese boards and salads.  They don't brown as quickly as most apples, and flavor doesn't overpower other ingredients.