Beef, Rosewood Kobe Style 16 oz Ribeye, 2 lb - Hardie's Direct Austin, TX

Beef, Rosewood Kobe Style 16 oz Ribeye, 2 lb

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Rosewood Kobe Style Ribeye 2 Steaks per Case

Item#: 16457

Kobe is the highest level of Wagyu Beef we have - truly amazing, cut-with-a-fork, melt-in-your-mouth ribeye steaks. These are ribeyes steaks are marbled to the max and melt away on the grill! 2 individually sealed steaks. Blue cheese crusted Ribeye sounds like what I may be cooking for dinner tonight.

Rosewood Ranches is dedicated to responsible breeding practices, preserving their family's rich ranching heritage, and conserving land for and benefit of future generations. They are committed to raising cattle naturally and using lands sustainability to proudly deliver healthy, superior-quality beef.