Beef, Vienna Beef Skinless Polish Sausage 10 oz

Vienna Beef


Vienna Beef Skinless Polish Sausage

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Pack/Size: Ten ounce package

Vienna Beef Polish Sausages have a long and storied history.  It all started on Maxwell Street in Chicago nearly 7 decades ago when Polish immigrants opened up small hot dog stands bringing old country flavors to the new country.  These delicious dogs start with grilled Polish Sausages piled high with caramelized onions and a dab of mustard. 

A Maxwell Street Polish Sausage combines all of Chicago’s favorite foods – Polish Sausage, yellow mustard, poppy seed buns, sport peppers and grilled onions. 

What makes it authentic?

While there have been many imitations of the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage throughout the years, the original recipe is the only authentic way to do it! In fact, there are two secrets to achieving that authentic taste and since we’re friends, we’ll share them with you. Ready?

1.  Add white sugar to your onions!

Crazy, we know! But in order to achieve that perfectly sweet, caramelized flavor, you must add 1 tsp of white sugar to your onions while they brown. You can thank us later. 

2.  Score your Polish Sausages with an ‘X’

Before grilling, score the sides of your Polish Sausages with a knife. This helps cook the inside of your sausage at the same speed as the outside. Equally, it helps some of the fat escape during the cooking process! You’ll notice the ends starting to flower open during the cooking process. 

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