Bread, Pullman Frozen 9 Grain Wheat Local

New World Bakery


New World Bakery 9 Grain Wheat Pullman Bread

Item Code: 18174

Pack/Size: one loaf (20-24 slices)

New World Bakery's delicious 9-grain wheat bread is tender, packed with nutrients without being too "seedy".  Baked locally in Kyle, Texas this 9-grain bread is made specially for sandwiches in a Pullman loaf pan.

About New World Bakery

The New World Bakery was founded in 1995 by native German Reinhard Haltermann. After spending some time honing his craft at a San Francisco, California-based bakery, Master Baker Reinhard decided to bring his knowledge and years of experience to Austin, where he continues to provide true artisan breads.