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Collard Greens Local

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Local Collard Greens

Item#:  16493

Ct/Size:  One Bunch of local Collard Greens

Collard greens are mild, earthy, and delicious when treated well. They have a strong, vegetal flavor and a remarkably hearty texture.  Ours our grown in San Juan, Texas at Rio Fresh Farms.

Rio Fresh Farms

Rio Fresh Farm, San Juan TX for Hardie's Direct, Austin TX

Rio Fresh Farms a third-generation, family owned business, that has been farming in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley for over 75 years. In fact, Rio Fresh is one of the oldest continuously farmed growers in Texas.  They grow over 30 varieties of fresh Texas greens, herbs, and onions from October – May. The fertile Texas climate, and our commitment to sustainable farming practices enables Rio Fresh to grow, pack, and ship the finest produce South Texas has to offer.

Schuster Family, Rio Fresh Farm - Hardie's Direct, Austin TX