$20 Produce Box


Big, Beautiful $20 Produce Box

Item:   14098

Count/Size:  One box of mixed fruit and vegetables

Our famous big, beautiful produce box for only $20!  Contents may vary from day to day based on what's in season, fresh and delicious but always packed with a combination of fruit and vegetables.

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Megan Boesen
Big sigh...so much for supporting locally:(

Was SO excited to have found a non subscription based local produce provider! Had read the positive reviews and had zero concerns about trying them out, love supporting local farmers. Sadly, I was left underwhelmed and disappointed, to say the least. Save the green beans, apples, limes, and possibly the tortillas, nothing was locally sourced by DFW Metroplex farmers. I could've gotten all the other items at Sprouts, Kroger, Whole Foods, etc. Produce was average at best (miss my local, small farmer owned outfits from up North, nothing like non-corporate farm grown food). So, 2 lbs of bananas equated to 6 bananas total, each separated from their bunch and thrown individually into a bag with some initial bruising (but not overripe, to their credit). Expiration dates for the 1/2 & 1/2 creamer, milk, & mozerella cheese are all super short (I fare better with Amazon Fresh on expiration dates). Carrots were dried up, splitting, and clearly not hydrated (with no tops). Some of the green string beans were mushy and clearly past their expiration date. 1 of 3 boxes received was smashed in. Delivery was 2 hrs and 6 minutes late. I repeat, 2 hrs and 6 minutes past the assigned delivery window. Luckily, I was home early to be ready to receive delivery...but alas, actually...to wait in this instance. The one positive overall was that the apples smell delightful and all of the produce and perishables were kept very cool; their trucks must be well equipped considering my delivery was so late.

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Carol Kaiser
Best of the BEST

Loved ours so much. The "extras" were hardly needed but so fun to share with my sister's family.
My sister ordered a box and got it last week...
Now I'm getting another! Awesome produce. Thank you so much

Betty Simmons

Each time I receive my box for $20 I always feel I have been to a Farmers Market. Everything is so fresh. I love it.

Carolyn Janzen
So fresh!

I’ve ordered these boxes and they are so worth it. Every time it has such a good variety of fruits and veggies. It is always so fresh. I didn’t think there would be much difference from buying at grocery store but omg. My strawberries were so much better. My corn was the best I’ve had. This is so worth it! I love getting big boxes here. Plus it is fun to get things I may not have tried before. Their customer service is always friendly and helpful. Can’t say enough good things!!

Christina Forte
excellent produce, and fresh!

I'm very pleased with the order process. friendly delivery. my fridge is full of fruits and veggies for a reasonable price. can't beat that