$20 Produce Box


Big, Beautiful $20 Produce Box

Item:   14098

Count/Size:  15 pound box of mixed fruit and vegetables

Our famous big, beautiful produce box for only $20!  Contents may vary from day to day based on what's in season, fresh and delicious but always packed with a combination of fruit and vegetables.

Customer Reviews

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Pamela DeGrazia
Life savor

I am so grateful for these boxes of fruit and vegetables. The produce is always in good shape and well worth the $20 . My family and I am so great full to be able to afford fresh produce again.

Monica Washington
Fresh produce in a box!

I cannot express how much my family loves opening the Hardies Direct box when we get home. The produce is ALWAYS fresh and we love being surprised by all of the goodies that are so lovingly packaged.

Douglas eugene Mangold
The tits

I'll never buy fruits and veggies from the grocery store again! Hardies is where it's at!

leslie collins
Fresh and frugal!!

This is my second box and it did not disappoint. You get so much for 20 dollars! It was all fresh and well packaged. It lasts my husband and I about two weeks. Friendly staff too! Thank you

best thing to happen to me all week

i worked 60 hours in 4 days this week, writing thru the night and day nonstop. little sleep, little to eat, unwilling to stock the house with anything and totally unable to leave it. this box came the same day i finished my assignment. i opened the box on my doorstep and shed a couple tears. i felt a rush through my veins, the way you do when you fall in love. i pulled out all this produce, item after item, like a dream. after subsisting on potatoes and radishes, i had fruit for the first time in months. strawberries and blueberries and grapes -- and crown jewel of it all, a pineapple. the first thing i did was chop up a lot of lettuce and zucchini and make a salad. it was so fresh, even though i started with my least exciting (imo) vegetables. after i ate it, i was inspired enough to go to the grocery store and expand my withered pantry. is this review excessive? yes. but the magnitude of the feelings i had opening this box was nuts. food insecurity is a beast, and sometimes the mind is a trap around the body. hardie's big, beautiful produce box got me out of that pit.