Nuts, Local Toasted Honey Pecans

38 Pecans


Local Toasted Honey Pecans

Item Code: 18260

Pack/Size: seven ounce package

Honey and Pecans are just two things that naturally go together.  Large, locally grown Texas pecan halves with generous honey toasted crust.  These things should come with a dang warning label - can't stop eating them!  Made/grown by our friends at 38 Pecans right in Seguin, TX.

Suggested Uses:  Satisfying, crunchy flavorful snack, cheese board, Orchard salad

38 Pecans

38 Pecans is a family owned and operated pecan farm located deep in the heart of Texas. Established in 1958, by "Doc" Darilek. One of four boys, all of whom became dentists, Doc worked hard to provide for his family and to further the pecan industry in Seguin, Texas. in 1962 he unveiled the world’s largest pecan, made from concrete and plaster, in front of the Seguin courthouse. It remains there to this day. Doc passed away in 1992 and left his business in the hands of his son-in-law, Gary Rainwater and his grandsons Mark and Chad Walls.

Today, with over 2,200 improved and native trees 38 Pecans produces between 125,000 - 200,000 pecans annually.  With over 50 awards to its name, 38 Pecans carries on the family tradition of quality, excellence and damn good pecans!