Pasta, Barilla Fettuccine 16 oz



Barilla Fettuccine Pasta

 Item#:  16992

Size: Sixteen ounces of fettuccine pasta

In Italy, the first pasta shapes were made by hand with simple tools. Fettuccine are made from flat sheets of pasta cut into ribbon-shaped strands (known as "fettucce").

The thickness of fettuccine means it can withstand extremely robust sauces. Try it with dairy-based, oil-based, or tomato-based sauces, and with sauces combined with meat, vegetables, seafood, or cheese. Barilla® Fettuccine is made with non-GMO ingredients



Fettucine with Stewed Eggplant sauce, dollops of Riccotta & Parmigiano Cheese

Fettucine with eggplant sauce, ricotta and parmigiano cheese